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About Us

With the support and encouragement of my family and friends, 
I started this rescue after the death of our beloved 8 month old Phoebe.
She swallowed the knot on a rope dog toy.

Altho I knew she swallowed something,

my vet felt she didn't because she didn't guard her stomach.

Stool samples were taken, blood work drawn,

fluids pushed, xrays done and still my baby was sick.
Finally a more experienced vet said "maybe she did swallow something, fabric."

You see fabric does not show in an xray. By the time they got around to doing surgery, it was too late.
My baby died on the table.

She was the youngest of our pack and brought pure joy and unconditional love to our lives.

I have vowed that her death will not be in vain.

I will push forward and rescue as many lost souls as I can.  
I will educate animal lovers everywhere so they may never experience the pain that we have.

My passion is rescue, my purpose is education.

Shelly Merideth-Adams


*Founder & President: Shelly Merideth-Adams

*Event Workers: Brody & Bryan Adams​


*Legal Advisor: Laura Gauthier

*Secretary: Victoria Wisinski

*Fundraising/Events: OPEN - Plz email us to help with this position

Shelly Merideth-Adams is the Founder and President of The Furever Family Rescue.
Shelly developed her love of abandoned critters at a very young age.
Her parents often had a full house of four legged animals.

Shelly fondly remembers how her mom would sneak animals into
the car/house without her father's knowledge until it was too late.
Her mom had an interesting idea in naming them too...after where they were found!
IE: Texaco was a kitten found on a road trip @ a Texaco gas station.
Mustin(Shelly's first rescue as a child) was a kitten found in
Mustin Field on one of the Navy bases where she grew up. 

After her mom's unexpected death at 35, Shelly's dad married another animal lover!
Her new mom would educate an older Shelly on animal care, habitat, needs and breeds.

Shelly's first rescue as an adult, was actually as a newly wed.
One night while out walking with her husband they spotted a tiny 2mth old puppy.
Shelly told David "if he follows us, he comes home". And he did.
That night he curled up in the kitchen on some blankets and the next morning he was vetted.
Poor baby was full of worms n fleas n ticks.
His name became Oreo and he lived to the age of 11. 

In 2012 Shelly met Stacy from Milo's Dog Rescue and become an administrator for her rescue.
This is where Shelly learned the INs and OUTs, DOs and DON'Ts of running a rescue.


The Adams Boys: Brandon, Brett, Brody and Bryan

The Adams Boys have grown up surrounded by animals. They've had cats and dogs and rabbits and hamsters.
And they are experienced bottle feeders as well. I guess when your mom is a crazy animal lover you just have no choice but to learn a tip or two. 
They have also learned about responsible dog ownership and how to train/housebreak a puppy. They have witnessed the miracle of live birth and have learned how to care for lost/abandoned newborns. They are Shelly's biggest helpers and she couldn't do this without them.​

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